Testing writing tools – a Koh-i-Noor glass pen

I’ve purchased a glass pen, just to check how that thing would actually work.

It seems… Nice? Holds a lot of ink, for sure.

Here’s the actual test.

Testing Inks – Winsor and Newton – Scarlet Calligraphy Ink

I was looking for a new exciting ink and found “Calligraphy Ink” by WaN, very lovely, colours not usually available from other companies. Also, can be used in fountain pens.

A milled scarf

I’ve bought some very plushy polyester yarn during vacation, but unfortunately the labels are lost somewhere on the way. Anyway, I had 2 balls of it, one white and one blue, and it’s just enough to make something, but not enough to make something big.

I decided to put the yarn through the knitting mill and see what happens. Sometimes if the yarn is thick enough, the mill doesn’t cooperate, but since this is essentially a string with fluff in it, it magically managed.

The result is a tube scarf:

I can easily put it over my head and it’s wide enough to not snag on my glasses, so a hat made of similar yarn would also work for some pretty big heads.


Testing inks – Winsor and Newton – 6. Purple

Purple? Green? Purple!

Testing inks – Winsor and Newton – 7. Brilliant Green

A very nice green indeed.

Testing inks – Winsor and Newton – 4. Peat Brown

For some reason, this one was actually quite orange.

Testing Inks – Winsor and Newton – 3. Deep Red

It’s a pretty red, but nothing deep. Doesn’t talk about philosophy at all.

Actually, I think it’s pretty basic.

Testing Inks – Winsor and Newton – 2. Vermillion

4 writing nibs and the Vermillion drawing ink test.

Testing Inks – Winsor and Newton – 1. Sunshine Yellow

This one was filmed first, but uploaded much later than the Ultramarine video.

Testing inks – Winsor and Newton – 5. Ultramarine

Ultramarine drawing ink, tested with 4 of my writing nibs.

Turned out to be much thicker and somewhat smoother in use than the red ones.