Four points – glass pendant

Copper wire wrapped around copper wire laid over a piece of silver-lined glass.
I like the blue of glass with dark copper (but fresh, unvarnished copper is, of course, even better).
One of a series of my first attempts at wire-wrapping.

Fish on a wire

Wire wrapped fish

An agate donut and silver-plated wire fish.

Lizard pendant

A copper wire lizard on blue indian lampwork glass. About 4cm diameter.

A wire lizard on glass

Copper geometry (jade pendant)

Jade coin (from, copper wire.

Jade and copper pendant

Available in my Etsy shop.

Along the lines (fluorite pendant)

A fluorite agogo (bought in, wrapped in silver-plated wire.

The left side, which on some backgrounds seems dark, is actually translucent, the right one has milky-green stripes.

Fluorite long pendant

Fluorite long pendant on a hand

Available in my Etsy shop.

Waves on jade pendant

A pendant, made of a jade coin (from and clear copper wire.

jade and copper pendant

Available on Etsy in my shop.

Copper and glass vase-shaped pendant

Floral-motif copper and lampwork glass pendant.

Length: ca 4cm

Floral motif copper pendant

Available in my Etsy shop