Triple spiral pendant

The blue glass works nicely with copper wire, as it has rare, saturated color (unlike some washed-out blues available in various shops).
This one is three spirals of colied 0,3mm over 0,8mm wire. Whole thing is 3cm across.

LonelineS – pendant

One, lonely S on white, silver-lined glass bead. All wire clear copper.

Alien eyes pendant

Venetian glass and copper wire, twisted into spirals and wrapped.

Looks like some alien eyes on looong stalks.

Blue glass and copper pendent

Copper geometry (jade pendant)

Jade coin (from, copper wire.

Jade and copper pendant

Available in my Etsy shop.

Along the lines (fluorite pendant)

A fluorite agogo (bought in, wrapped in silver-plated wire.

The left side, which on some backgrounds seems dark, is actually translucent, the right one has milky-green stripes.

Fluorite long pendant

Fluorite long pendant on a hand

Available in my Etsy shop.