Watch movement pendant

A watch movement in a wire-wrapped frame with a green glass wired in.

Succession of 8’s – earrings

Earrings made on commission, for my coworker. She had already bought a pendant from the same dark purple glass and wanted matching earrings.
Took a bit of work, as the wiring between the loops is nothing else than sewing (with 0,2mm wire).
2cm silver-lined glass beads, silver-plated copper wire 0,2mm and 0,6mm.

Bacteriophage pendant

6cm tall pendant made of silver-plated wire, enameled wire, glass beads and acrylic beads. Portraits a bacteriophage.

Fish on a wire

Wire wrapped fish

An agate donut and silver-plated wire fish.

Dots all around (jade pendant)

A jade coin (bought in and silver-plated wire, plus some silver-colored metal beads.

Jade and silver-plated wire pendant

Available in my Etsy shop.

Along the lines (fluorite pendant)

A fluorite agogo (bought in, wrapped in silver-plated wire.

The left side, which on some backgrounds seems dark, is actually translucent, the right one has milky-green stripes.

Fluorite long pendant

Fluorite long pendant on a hand

Available in my Etsy shop.

Along the dotted line (glass pendant)

Simple and elegant pendant of sea-blue indian glass coin decorated with wirewrapped wire and small metal beads.

Wire and beads are silver-plated copper and the whole pendant is 4cm in diameter.


Available in my Etsy shop

Silver waves pendant

A free-form wire wrapping on a 4cm indian glass bead I bought in Camden Town. The wire is silver-plated copper.

Blue and silver pendant