Folk pattern box

A 12-cells teabag box, painted with acrylic paints and decorated with folk-patterned napkins and varnished. On commission from my friend. Napkins are in traditional Polish folk patterns.

White cup, painted blue

A white cup, painted and baked to make the paint water/wather/dishwasher proof.

1. Stages of painting:

2. Different angles shots of the finished piece:

Candle holder – 3

One of the first set of candle holders I painted, both with a tealight and in sunlight.

Candleholder by daylight

Candleholder with a tealight

Candle holder – 2

An IKEA candle holder, hand-painted with HobbyArt paints.
One of the first set of holders I painted.

Candle holder by daylight

Candle holder by daylight

Candle holder and a tealight

Candle holder – 1

I’m experimenting with hand-painting various glass objects. Of course candleholders are the most obvious choice.
This is one of the first set I painted (as can be guessed by quite weavy painting). The holder itself was bought in IKEA.

In the dark, with a tealight inside:
Candlelight photo of the candle holder

In the sunlight:
Daylight photo of the candle holder