New thing.

I have recently picked up henna, or so called “temporary tattoos”. I prefer just “henna painting”.

Mostly I’m practising on myself. So, for some examples :)

This was my first attempt. Not very subtle – more like “marker grade” than “fineliner”, which was my aim.


The second attempt went more towards gears and wheels. This is what the henna paste looks like a few minutes after application:


Now, this is my third cone, and I used it up all on my left arm:

Freshly applied, slightly dry:


Same part, peeled off and washed, already gaining some colour:


Inside of my arm (the above picture was already dried, peeled off and you can see a bit of orange peeking from the other side):


Same thing, dried, peeled off and washed. Slight redness due to paper tape I used to keep the dry paste in place.


And here’s how I used up the last dregs in that cone, inside of my palm: