Yarn Review – Rozetti Sarayli

Brand: Sarayli

Producer: Rozetti

Country: Turkey

Contents: 70% acrylic 30% wool

Thickness: 180m/100g

Colours: mixes

Producer’s page – examples of finished work, too.


I’ve bought two balls of random Sarayli yarn when I was on vacation and the only source of handmade materials was a local village yarnshop. The existence of one was a bit of a surprise, in fact, but I made use of it ;)

The yarn crocheted wonderfully into this granny-square scarf (3 sq per yarn ball, some tiny amount left due to uneven crocheting).



+ my favourite thickness

+ nice to touch

+ fabulous colours – have a look at the producer’s page, there’s more! (ok, some are a bit childish/sugary, yes)

+ fuzz enough to make sure the work is stable

+ very stable thickness

+ very affordable


– fuzz enough to make undoing a pain

Summary: will ABSOLUTELY buy more. At least one more ball of this colourset, to make the scarf longer.



…can you handle afghan?

First, something completely unrelated, but anytime I think “afghan”, I get this song in my ears, hard to get rid of. See 1:04. I get this song – see 1:40. (sorry for the atrocious quality, but the nicer one was removed ;<)

Now, watched the song? So here’s my afghan:


Nasty mobile photo taken with a shaky hand, but it gives the general idea. It’s 150 x 125cm currently, 1,4kg of wool, acrylic, mixed wool/acrylic and some other, unlabeled yarns. No cotton, silk or alpaca, though.

I kind of started with various leftovers from other projects – I separated them into “earth” colours (green, brown, beige, mustard, white), pinkish (all kinds of pink, purple and violet) and others, of which i don’t have enough to make them a class of themselves.

But when the amount of squares or part-squares grew, I saw I have too much of some hues and way too little of others. Meanwhile I ordered a package of yarn in which I got (among others) 4 balls of extremly slick yarn, very hard to work on needles or mill. Hook deals with it easily.

Over time I bought some yarn for that purpose – Crazy Colour in 3 coloursets, some brown Alize yarns, then found some squares from an afghan once planned but never finished, so I added these, with some  framing in brown or green, to blend it in. Some flat plain squares, too.

I crochet on my way to work or back, I crochet on conference calls, on workshops and on presentations. It’s really good I can crochet without watching more than a few seconds, so I’m able to work quite quickly, especially in case of granny squares.

Now, looking at the leftover green/brown/gray yarn I have 350g, which would mean at least another 4-big-squares row added, if I manage to get these properly calculated.

I really hope to get it to some reasonable, useful size.


During last summer holidays I was invited to a Christmas handmade fair. Of course, it was a longterm planning thing, so it allowed me to prepare a goodly amount of things to sell. The fair outcome wasn’t that satisfactory, but during the process of thinking up and making the goods I’ve crocheted a number of granny squares.

I planned to make shawls or scarves with them, but I miscounted and it turned out that either I’ll never get an adult-sized one, or I will have to charge way more than people would be willing to pay – and that would only cover the costs!

So I never finished the garments, and all to the better, as the fair failed miserably and I would have been mad, had I taken the effort to finish these.

Now I had these squares, sewn into “triangles”, in a box. Last week I decided something has to be done about them. So I took each, added loose squares in key places and now I have two new beautiful pillowcases, buttoned with huge wooden buttons, and very, very huggable.

Number one is a “tomato” (more of “tomato soup”) case, done in wool. Big squares, not that precise, but it’s really nice to touch. Inside, a small square blue pillow.

pomidorowa poduszka

Number two is 100% cotton, several shades of (off)white, yellow, red, brown and black. Nice, quite heavy (cotton tends to be heavy) and is big enough to seat on. Inside, an ikea pillow, green. Will pick a yellow or black one for the future.

kraciasta poduszka