Blue Glass Pendant

Rich blue, silver-lined glass coin wrapped in copper wire with dark gold Miyuki square beads.

Light Green Glass Pendant

Puffed coin of light green lampwork, silver-filled glass, wrapped in copper wire, plus a small, heart-stamped ring of copper-colored metal.

Black floral wrapping – pendant

Aescetic black wire and white bead combination. Black wire gives high contrast with silver-lined white beads, and I quite like the effect.

Dots all around (jade pendant)

A jade coin (bought in and silver-plated wire, plus some silver-colored metal beads.

Jade and silver-plated wire pendant

Available in my Etsy shop.

Waves on jade pendant

A pendant, made of a jade coin (from and clear copper wire.

jade and copper pendant

Available on Etsy in my shop.

Silver waves pendant

A free-form wire wrapping on a 4cm indian glass bead I bought in Camden Town. The wire is silver-plated copper.

Blue and silver pendant