Folk pattern box

A 12-cells teabag box, painted with acrylic paints and decorated with folk-patterned napkins and varnished. On commission from my friend. Napkins are in traditional Polish folk patterns.

Lily of the valley box

A commission to make a jewelry-box with Lily of the Valley decoration. It is a big, pretty heavy box and I hope I did good work on it (because it’s already in the post and slowly approaching its destiny).

Big wooden jewelry box with two trays
Lily of the Valley napkin
Amsterdam acrylic paints
Stamperia colla per decoupage
Stamperia Vernice protettiva lucida
Koh-i-noor acrylic varnish

Cat boxes

My friend ordered a set of boxes, decoupaged, with cats. So we found a nice kitty-paper, I ordered (among other wooden objects) four cute little raw-wood boxes, and here they are.

Photo made by the current proud owner.

Materials used:
Amsterdam acrylic paints
Stamperia colla speciale per decoupage
Stemperia Vernice protettiva lucida

Papers used:
From the top left, clockwise:
Filisetta kittens ricepaper
Soft decoupage paper
Tassotti Soft cat paper
Kitty napkin