Flower bowl (FIMO)

This bowl was made by sticking tiny slices of FIMO millefiori canes on a metal bowl. It was baked and then removed from the bowl, giving it a nice, shiny inner surface.

Pink polymer clay (FIMO) covered glass bowl

Big, round glass bowl covered with pink and blue millefiori canes slices.
Most probably will be used as part of a lamp.

Polymer clay (FIMO) covered glass bowl

An IKEA bowl covered with earthtone millefiori canes.

Edit: Added another photo.

Green FIMO bowl (on glass)

Various green-colored FIMO millefiori canes, mostly transparent, combined over a glass bowl (BLENDA by IKEA). Backlit with a desk lamp.

Green bowl

Blue rainbow bowl

Blue-ish bowl of polymer clay, made basing on a rainbow caleidoscope cane. Made by baking the whole on a glass bowl, removed when cooled.

Green polymer clay bowl

A FIMO bowl, made by covering a glass one with FIMO slices.

Glass bowl

One of my first attempts at glass painting – a small glass bowl bought in IKEA.

Glass bowl with a tealight

Glass bowl in sunlight