Spirals on waves – pendant

A large, 3cm bead of lampworked glass and pure copper wire.
The bead is not silver-lined but filled with milky glass, which gives it slightly cloudy look.

Four points – glass pendant

Copper wire wrapped around copper wire laid over a piece of silver-lined glass.
I like the blue of glass with dark copper (but fresh, unvarnished copper is, of course, even better).
One of a series of my first attempts at wire-wrapping.

Fish on a wire

Wire wrapped fish

An agate donut and silver-plated wire fish.

Lizard pendant

A copper wire lizard on blue indian lampwork glass. About 4cm diameter.

A wire lizard on glass

Alien eyes pendant

Venetian glass and copper wire, twisted into spirals and wrapped.

Looks like some alien eyes on looong stalks.

Blue glass and copper pendent

Dots all around (jade pendant)

A jade coin (bought in http://www.beadsdirect.co.uk/) and silver-plated wire, plus some silver-colored metal beads.

Jade and silver-plated wire pendant

Available in my Etsy shop.

Copper geometry (jade pendant)

Jade coin (from http://www.beadsdirect.co.uk/, copper wire.

Jade and copper pendant

Available in my Etsy shop.

Along the lines (fluorite pendant)

A fluorite agogo (bought in http://www.beadsdirect.co.uk/), wrapped in silver-plated wire.

The left side, which on some backgrounds seems dark, is actually translucent, the right one has milky-green stripes.

Fluorite long pendant

Fluorite long pendant on a hand

Available in my Etsy shop.

Waves on jade pendant

A pendant, made of a jade coin (from http://www.beadsdirect.co.uk/) and clear copper wire.

jade and copper pendant

Available on Etsy in my shop.

Copper and glass vase-shaped pendant

Floral-motif copper and lampwork glass pendant.

Length: ca 4cm

Floral motif copper pendant

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