Seasonal theme – heart pendants

As 14th is coming, I have wrapped two pale-pink glass hearts in suitably noir, black wire.

Dots all around (jade pendant)

A jade coin (bought in and silver-plated wire, plus some silver-colored metal beads.

Jade and silver-plated wire pendant

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Copper geometry (jade pendant)

Jade coin (from, copper wire.

Jade and copper pendant

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Along the lines (fluorite pendant)

A fluorite agogo (bought in, wrapped in silver-plated wire.

The left side, which on some backgrounds seems dark, is actually translucent, the right one has milky-green stripes.

Fluorite long pendant

Fluorite long pendant on a hand

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Waves on jade pendant

A pendant, made of a jade coin (from and clear copper wire.

jade and copper pendant

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Copper and glass vase-shaped pendant

Floral-motif copper and lampwork glass pendant.

Length: ca 4cm

Floral motif copper pendant

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Along the dotted line (glass pendant)

Simple and elegant pendant of sea-blue indian glass coin decorated with wirewrapped wire and small metal beads.

Wire and beads are silver-plated copper and the whole pendant is 4cm in diameter.


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Succession of 8 – glass pendant

Dark purple lampwork glass and dark copper wire-wrap go together pretty well.

Purple pendant

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Agate berries autumn pendant

Don’t eat them! They are not berries! Just agate beads. Yes, really.
This pendant is a combination of yellow fluorite agogo with some nice, lightning-shaped inclusions and red dyed agate beads, kept together by copper wire and copper-colored headpins.
Together they make a nice, autumn effect, with slightly muted colors and these fallen-leaves hues.

Yellow and red agate pendant

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Under a Nutty Moon pendant

A nice, moon-shaped watch bridge, a blue indian glass coin and two nuts.
And we have a nutty moon.
Steampunk-ish Nutty Moon.

Glass & metal moon pendant

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