Crocheted umbrellas

This summer I decided to try something new and so I tried my hand at crocheting an umbrella cover. Or two.

The steps look deceptively simple, really. The hard part is to make it all work correctly!

I tried two:

  • kid sized umbrella covered with white cotton/bamboo blend
  • adult sized umbrella covered with acrylic yarn

Errors you should avoid (I didn’t, so I am warning you):

  • picking a cheap, shoddy frame (limp spokes, bad opening mechanism)
  • using cotton in very dense pattern (HEAVY!)
  • removing the old cover from the umbrella too early

Steps to get your umbrella covered, high-level:

  1. Buy an umbrella (full/straight, not foldable one).
  2. Crochet a doily of choice that has the same number of beams/parts/spokes as the umbrella (or twice that) to the size of the umbrella, making sure you alter the centre to fit over the umbrella tip.
  3. Try it over the existing cover to make sure you have enough. Should be rather tight fit, but remember that if you crochet too many rounds, part of it can be left as a bit of an edge. Put knitting markers or something else that will remind you where the ends of the spokes came to be.
  4. Take the little plastic pins off the end of the spokes. Cut them off the fabric and put safely aside.
  5. Snip the threads that keep the fabric attached mid-spoke.
  6. Cut the fabric around the tip.
  7. Put the doily on, tightening the middle round around the tip of the umbrella with spare bit of thick cotton yarn.
  8. Tie the little pins temporarily to the places where the doily touched them when you tried it over the cover (where the markers are).
  9. Put them now over the ends of the wires and slowly open the umbrella to see how taut the whole thing is. You may need to move the plastic pins to another place in the crocheted cover for better fit. Close it to make sure the pins don’t fall off the ends of the wires because of weight of the cover or some unforeseen looseness.

The final outcome is here.

The white, cotton, kid-sized umbrella:

The rainbow, acrylic yarn, full-sized one: