Shopping list (if I ever go to Finland again…)

As Novita yarns are available only in a limited number of shops, and no shop carries them in Poland, I have created my little shopping list, just in case someone goes to Finland and I can ask them to get me some ;) I have to put it somewhere that I won’t forget…

“Wool” (which is basically wool ;)): black yellow brown (2 of each)

Puro Batik: reddish, blueish (3 of each)

Puro: the only colour left (but if there were others available…)

These are the ones I’ve already tested. Now, I want to check out a few more:

Siru: looks cosy and thick. I’d have to get lots of it, as it’s 55m/50g: red

Nalle Luontopolku: it has spots!

Isoveli: blue and light blue – looks nice and thick. Something just for my son’s school pullover. At least 3 of each.

Well, if I ever go to Finland (or at least Estonia), I’m definitely getting as much as I can carry… ;)


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