Yarn Review – DROPS Paris

A friend asked me to knit her a hat with cat’s ears. As her skin reacts badly to wool, we were thinking about buying some acrylic, but finally settled on nice, thick gray cotton – Drops Paris.

Brand: DROPS Paris

Colour: Gray

Content: 100% Cotton

Thickness: 75m/50g

This is cotton. It’s soft. Soft.

Works well with 3 and 4 mm needles, probably even more comfortable with thicker ones (producer suggests 5). Better metal than the soft plastic types (on these it sticks slightly).

The yarn is made of multiple tiny threads (click the pic to see closeup on shop’s page), which may cause certain issues with too-sharp knitting needles. Namely, you can easily part the yarn’s threads and get an ugly loop somewhere. However, with standard, round-tipped needles you should be ok.

The knitted result is soft, even on too-small needles, but at the same time it’s not as heavy as some other cottons I’ve tested. If it wasn’t for my impatience in knitting, I would totally buy more and knit myself a sweater. Maybe I will knit one for my son – much less knitting here ;)

Knits up nicely on the knitting mill.

Would I buy more? Already answered. Definitely. Gonna buy “dark jeans“, some 10 balls or so. Probably. As soon as I manage to count how many I really need.

Advice: Not for beginners, make sure your needles and hooks are not overly sharp-tipped.


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