PRYM Knitting Mill Maxi – first impressions

Producer: PRYM

Object: Knitting Mill Maxi

Also known as Innovations Knitting Mill.

I have just received my new toy two days ago, so no indepth reflections, but there are some first impressions I can share on this specific example of a circular knitting machine.

Well, the thing is very sturdy, even though it’s all plastic. Big, stable mill legs, huge handle to keep it to the table and, unfortunately, uncomfortably small and short crank.


The instructions are clear and given in several languages, and even if you don’t speak any of them, pictures paint a thousand words. With this model you can either knit a tube (ie. a winter hat) or a flat panel (ie. a scarf). No complicated patterns like cables or ajoure possible, and no ribbing, but everything that is knit/purl/knit/purl will be ok. Even hats don’t really need ribbing ;)

So, using it is perfectly simple – thread the yarn around the hooks in front-back-front-back pattern, then put the yarn under a few hooks manually, thread it through the guide and start turning the crank. Making a hat is 25 minutes, including finishing with a plastic needle.

Now, not every yarn will work, so don’t get too happy about finally using up all the stash that you didn’t have time to knit into scarves etc. Yarn should be firm and thick enough to get from the guide to the hooks. If yarn is too limp, hooks won’t catch it. Until now, I managed to get perfect outcome only with Magic Surf (200m/100g), gaining a cap and 1/3 of a scarf in the process (scarf is WIP now).

Other yarns don’t work that well – thinner ones tend to miss hooks, creating huge dropped-stitch holes. Haven’t tried thicker ones yet.


The resulting knit is very loose. I mean biiig, loose stitches. For a proper winter cap I’d knit it double and turn one half inside as lining. Also, I’d have to check how much thicker yarn would work.

Photos and videos:

The whole package, mill and new yarn:


Working with the mill:

Mill usage

Video (poor and made with a mobile).

And finally, the hat (still needs finishing):



7 Comments on “PRYM Knitting Mill Maxi – first impressions”

  1. Baljeet says:

    Can I knitt blanket or sweater

    • Srebrna says:

      Yep, you just need to plan it to be made out of rectangles. Blanket will be easy – you can knit a bunch of equal-length strips and then sew them together side by side. Sweater is a bit more tricky, as you’d have to count the needed size of strips, make a trial run to see how wide they are with specific yarn, count how many you need and then knit carefully to the required length. Then all ribbing (cuffs, hems) you’d have to make on normal needles.

  2. Roxana says:

    hi, can i knit a hat in different sizes? i’ve a 4-year old kid and i’m thinking to knit a double hat for him. I just don’t find anywhere if i can adjust the size.

    • Srebrna says:

      Due to how the mill is constructed (it has a static number of pins) you always get 44 stitches with the same spacing. No way to change it (you can’t just remove some pins). Still, the stretch on the resulting knit is very flexible – the same hat fits my 10 year old and my husband.

  3. Janie says:

    How do I fix a bad needle that keeps snagging yarn an not knitting.

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