Yarn Review – Novita Wool

Brand: Wool

Producer: Novita

Country: Finland

Contents: 100% wool

Colours: LOTS. Solids.

Thickness: 135/50 (270/100)


I really like this one. It is a tad bit thinner than I prefer, but it’s still very nice. I have dark-teal one (191) and aqua (369) and boy do I have plans for them :) If I can, I’ll order some similar or the same in black and make myself a truly eye-popping shawl.

As to the yarn itself, it’s nice to touch, very little fuzz and easy to undo. Crocheting it is a pleasure.

As always with Novita, I’m quite sorry that it’s not distributed widely in Europe. It’s becoming one of the main reasons to possibly visit Finland again, actually ;)

Would buy more? Sure.

Would suggest for beginners? Well, yes, with the proviso that it may be too thin for some (especially ones with less patience).

Haven’t tried knitting or millknitting it – it’s just perfect for crochet for me, though.

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