New toy :) And some rambling.

I have just ordered and paid for PRYM knitting mill Maxi (in some countries this is called Innovations knitting mill).

I really hope it comes ASAP, as I can’t wait to try it out.

I’ve already created lots and lots of meters of tube from my small knitting mill, so now it’s time for the bit one.

Plans? Well, I’ve also ordered some yarn (Himalaya Rengarenk, YarnArt Magic Surf, YarnArt Jeans rust and black). The first one will become my son’s new knit waistcoat. I’ve promised it to him so long ago I’m afraid he already forgot. The second will become a scarf, and this will be the first thing I’ll try to make on my new knitting mill. And Jeans will become a huge bunch of Granny Squares, to join the ones already waiting in my “work in progress” box.

I’ve just finished my gloves recently, and I’m knitting another pair for my husband, I have started to consider an afgan. I know perfectly well that if I set out to make one in one run, I’ll never finish. I’ve tried. But now, I had these pieces of pretty tourqouise and green yarn left over from the gloves, and I have a ton of other tiny pieces. So I thought I don’t have to have that afghan now. It can wait. And I will be making the squares one by one, any time a bit of yarn comes my way. This way after a few months I will hopefully have enough just to cover a pillow…

As to the knitting mill, I really hope I will be able to knit scarves on it. Unfortunately my left hand does act up from time to time, especially if I abuse it, and last Friday I was knitting 6,5h straight. Done almost all glove, except for 8 cm of the cuff, which was done before. Thus, I want to cut down on all activities that may be substituted somehow – so probably my next scarf, or two, or three, will be done with the help of this fabulous contraption.

Currently knitting: A cap. In Yarn Art Magic Fine – mix of red. In reality, it’s much more saturated that on this photo. I hope to charm winter away with it, as it’s going to be White Easter if nothing changes.


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