Yarn Review – Novita Puro

Brand: Puro

Producer: Novita

Country: Finland

Contents: 100% wool

Colours: LOTS

I’ve described my shopping sprees in Finland (and Estonia and Lithuania) last year here and here. And I must say I still didn’t manage to use up the stash I bought at the time, it really was a lot. However I’m still sorry I didn’t buy more. That yarn – each kind – is so nice and absolutely and completely not buyable in Poland. Sniff.

How much did I buy? Two bags full. I’m not kidding, two big “vacuum” ziplocks, see:IMAG0571 IMAG0570

And I have bought wool. In fact, several different balls. Name is “Puro” and it looks like this:


This is, as far as I remember, 10 x 50g of one colour, which I have already partly knitted, making the start of my son’s sweater. You see the way the colours change? Loved it on sight. And there were other hues, like the bottom row here:


The “flame” four have since became a scarf and the two on the right – my new gloves, just last week.

So, the yarn. It’s really nice to work with, really nice to touch. Pure wool, so none of that ugly “squeak” you hear when working with acrylics, and very, very light. And comparing to what I could get back home – real cheap. 3,40 euro per 50g, and the brown-gray one was actually on sale, 50%. Couldn’t leave it in that shop, could I? It wanted me to buy it.


  • Really great colours (see the gloves!). Unfortunately the producer now shows only one kind on their webpage. Looks cute, but really, only one? Not fair. If you can find it in some shop, check the colours yourself. Google images search for Novita Puro.
  • Light. Very light.
  • Warm. It’s wool after all.
  • Soft, no lumpy hard pieces, no parts spun too tightly, very nice to knit.
  • Ok, I’m weird, but… it smells nice. Some wools have unpleasant smell, but this one reminds me of something soft that you could just wrap around yourself and go to sleep. Really.


  • Well, colour range seems to be limited now.
  • It is slightly uneven in thickness – some parts are more stringy (but the spin is even).
  • It isn’t that nice to crochet – as the yarn isn’t spun very tightly, it is easy to put the crochet hook into it and pull it apart. Knitting needles, especially the wooden ones, are much safer.
  • Has fuzz. Lotsa fuzz. Hard to undo, even knitting, not to mention crochet. Not for beginners.

Would I buy more? I wish! I wish I had enough to make a full total blanket of it. But, for the time being, I have my mitts, and now I’m knitting a pair for my husband. I really hope that by the time I have a chance to go to Finland again, they will have more colours available again.

One Comment on “Yarn Review – Novita Puro”

  1. yarntospin says:

    I really must go to Finland one day. That’s my lovely dog’s motherland, and yarn now too, that’s good enough reason for me! :)

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