During last summer holidays I was invited to a Christmas handmade fair. Of course, it was a longterm planning thing, so it allowed me to prepare a goodly amount of things to sell. The fair outcome wasn’t that satisfactory, but during the process of thinking up and making the goods I’ve crocheted a number of granny squares.

I planned to make shawls or scarves with them, but I miscounted and it turned out that either I’ll never get an adult-sized one, or I will have to charge way more than people would be willing to pay – and that would only cover the costs!

So I never finished the garments, and all to the better, as the fair failed miserably and I would have been mad, had I taken the effort to finish these.

Now I had these squares, sewn into “triangles”, in a box. Last week I decided something has to be done about them. So I took each, added loose squares in key places and now I have two new beautiful pillowcases, buttoned with huge wooden buttons, and very, very huggable.

Number one is a “tomato” (more of “tomato soup”) case, done in wool. Big squares, not that precise, but it’s really nice to touch. Inside, a small square blue pillow.

pomidorowa poduszka

Number two is 100% cotton, several shades of (off)white, yellow, red, brown and black. Nice, quite heavy (cotton tends to be heavy) and is big enough to seat on. Inside, an ikea pillow, green. Will pick a yellow or black one for the future.

kraciasta poduszka


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