To Finland and back again – and buying yarn

So I went to Finland, I saw and bought all the yarn a girl could want, didn’t I? WRONG. Ok, I thought I did.

Actually, when we were getting back to Poland, by ferry and then through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, I managed to go, apart from sight-seeing, also shop-seeing.

First stop (after getting off the ferry): Tallin. The biggest haberdashery-yarnshop-textileshop I’ve ever seen:

It’s about 1/8 of their yarn shelves:

All things felt (tools & materials), about 1/2 of the offer:

Some yarn in looser balls:

Unfortunately I couldn’t buy a thing – the yarn i liked was in such small amounts as in the 3rd photo, directly above (1-2 50g balls) and the one that was in large quantities was badly labeled, sometimes even not mentioning the contents. And I’m not happy with “generally acrylic-y feeling yarn of unknown weight”. Most of the yarn was from Turkey.

They also has quite nice selection of ribbons and Velcro straps (sorted by color, just looking at them was nice):

Next stop was the local Prisma, a big scale supermarket. Where I found a nice, friendly shelf that looked very familiar to what I saw in Finland:

Including real-life socks as examples:

And this one I bought 4 balls of:

Next stop: Vilnius.


One Comment on “To Finland and back again – and buying yarn”

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