Go to Finland, they have… YARN

Lots and lots and lots.

My sister-in-law told me that they have yarn in a department store. Right there, on the shelves. I didn’t believe, or, at least, didn’t imagine the scale.

Yarn in department store Prisma

She also brought me a ball of yarn in a lovely set of colors, which gave me the name and URL of the producer. Yay. A few hours with Google Translate later I could say I love this company. Click on Kauppa to see the products and Langat to see yarns. “Puikot” means “needles”, “Lehdet” – magazines, “Kahvat” – bag handles. The contents and thickness of the yarns are easily guessible (villa – wool, everything else is pretty much international). These guys are simply lovely – they give the size of needles and the 10x10cm rows/stiches number on their website AND on the yarn label (also amount estimated for standard sweater, sometimes even for child/female/male):

Yarn label

When I finally arrived, my brother-in-law showed me the local shop (3 tiny aisles, 2 cash registers). They also were selling yarn. Like this:

Yarn in local shop

Next to cereals, yoghurts and cooking books.

And I finally could check what real wool from Novita is to touch (the slightly fuzzy one in the bottom basket). Well, I bought 6 of them, making 300g, about the amount for my son’s planned sweater. After 2 days I came back and bought another 2, as I thought they were so pretty, I can’t let anyone else have them (good I did it, because I counted the needed amout wrong). But I started on it right away:

Sweater start

Now, on the third day we visited local secondhand (kirputtori), which served:
Yarn in secondhand



…and handmade socks:

Afterwards we visited the local department store, which had this nifty shelf (whole one side of an aisle), with all things knitting and felting, yarn, needles, hooks, felting needles, roving…
Yarn shelf

Yarn shelf, front

Almost everything I needed, in one place. Even a bit more, in some cases. I spent a few minutes simply staring at this…

My yarn-shopping and what we saw on our way back from Finland – in a separate post.

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