Lots and lots of yarns

After digging for about three weeks though tons of yarn shops I decided to get all these pretty, multicolor yarns somehow in one place. So now I have my first (and only) Delicious stack: Multicolor yarns.

It’s an evolving list, so new ones (as soon as I have time to search for them) will be finding their way there.

Yarn Review – Katia Azteca

As my last year resolution of posting once a week went sooooo wonderfully (I don’t know if it even kept until May), this year – no resolution. This year – all things craft-ish that come to my mind, whenever they come and in whatever form.

After pre-Christmas panic, when I was knitting socks like crazy (and this was the very first time I was knitting on DPNs AND first time making socks), I run through a few interesting yarns I’ve never had in my hands before.

I’m a fan of yarns that are chunky but more or less constant in thickness, so Katia Azteca gets an 8 out of 10, but it’s a great yarn that I’m going to buy more of.

Basic info:
Webpage of the producer: http://katia.eu/
Webpage of the yarn: http://katia.eu/lana.php?idLana=azteca
Color chart (PDF): http://katia.eu/files/lanas/azteca.pdf
Example from a shop: http://www.interfox.com.pl/sklep/index.php?cat_id=104
Content: 50% wool, 50% acrylic
Coloring type: shaded
Color I used: 7827 (most likely, but I lost my label)
Thickness: 180m/100g

What I did was knitting a pair of one-finger gloves on double-point needles (3,5mm). One 100g package makes a pair and leaves a bit, so I suppose I used about 90g for them.

The yarn is nice to the touch, has a slight variation of thickness (but nothing that gives visible irregularity in the finished work, the colors are nicely matched and the thickness makes the work go fast, so someone as impatient as I am doesn’t have to work for ages to get some visible results. Will probably work as great for scarfs and jumpers.
The colors don’t give even stripes, and sometimes a color gets interrupted with a tiny streak of another, giving splotches of color inside a stripe.

Some of my friends complained that this kind of yarn feels “scratchy”, especially on the wrist skin. Fortunately, my hands don’t react, but it is a warning – not every skin will accept this yarn.
As the yarn consists of a number of thin strands running in paralell, it’s not very tightly twisted, so it is possible to work a needle or a hook inside the yarn and tear it.
Undoing the work is a bit problematic as the yarn is quite, well, furry ;) This causes it to get tangled with itself and some patient work has to be applied to separate it.

Low-quality (mobile) photo of my gloves is here.